>Big Bang


Our brain is capable recognize only certain dimensions we can place in time or shapes, with some borders , beginnings and ends. Something behind that is behind our comprehensions. Our life, has beginnings and end, so is a day, we can see planets , they are certain dimensions, as a galaxy in that mater and so on.

Universe is infinite. Infinity is behind our capability to recognize, and we are not able to get it. That is probably way we trying to find answers and bend little bit definitions so it is more understandable for us. Let’s find a “beginning”. Beginning of universe. Beginning of Infinity it is. Which is , by definitions of infinity non sense. Infinity has no beginning. Nor the end.

Big bang , if we accept it, is only explanation of short period of small part of infinite universe.

What happened before ‘Big Bang”, that remain uncovered .

Maybe more than one Big Band happening in every moment. Infinite amount of Big band . Beginnings of infinite amount of universe. Sounds like non sense. Maybe it is, maybe we just can’t comprehend it.

We humans have adopted a very cavalier attitude towards the concept of infinity. We use it in our mathematics and scientific theories as if it were a possibility, an actuality. In truth there can be no such thing as an infinity in our world, infinities are impossible in our concept, it’s really just a tool that allows mathematicians and scientists to make closer approximations in their respective works, but we can’t explain it or understand it.


About Digital Imaging by Rudy

Old white straight male, whisky drinking, cigar smoking and sometime taking pictures. Mostly working. Born in Czechoslovakia , 23 years in NYC, now Florida ..
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7 Responses to >Big Bang

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Zajímavá úvaha… a tvoje fotky naznačují možné řešení… nekonečno je tedy možná vlnící se kruh… 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Jsem se nepodepsala… brbulka.g 🙂

  3. Rudy says:

    >Ani se nesnazim rict co to je nekonecno, ale ze "Big Bang" jako "zacatek vesmiru" je nesmysl.:))))Brbulko, ktera nekonecna barva fotky se ti nejvice libi?

  4. brbulka.g says:

    >Ale já si tu úvahu přebrala po brbulkovsku… :-))Mě barevně zaujalo foto 1 a 4…

  5. Rudy says:

    >4 je original, tak jak to je vyfoceny, pisek u more,Brbulkov musi byt dobry misto jit na pivo o weekend.

  6. brbulka.g says:

    >U nás písek leda v kašně… No nevím brbulkov je složitej… na pivo je chladno… máme tady podzim… 🙂

  7. >O-K. psal jsem Ti o tom nekonečnu zprávu. Fotky jsou výborné a jak žiješ?Michal H.

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